Priya Prakash Varrier, who emerged as the country’s largest Internet sensation this year, has now appeared in the news once again. Priya Prakash, famous for her wank style, has signed a deal worth Rs 1 crore for a National Ad Commercial Shoot.

Let me tell you a few days ago Priya was spotted for an Ad shoot in a studio in Mumbai. Talking to a website, a source said, Priya Prakash conducted an Ad shoot on Friday morning. There was considerable monitoring for this shoot because it is a National Ad, so that’s why. We were told that Priya Prakash has charged a fee of around Rs 1 crore for the shoot of this National Aid, which is a huge amount for a Newcomer.

1 crore fee for an ad, after the fame changed so much Priya Prakash

Earlier Priya Prakash was pressing for news to charge Rs 8 lakh for every post for promotion on its Instagram. Tell us about Priya Prakash’s more than 60 million followers at the Instagram. According to reports, Priya has signed two films in Priya Prakash’s films. It is being discussed that Priya is seen in the role of Rohit Shetty in the movie ‘Simmba’. Apart from this, what is the other film that Priya has signed, her name has not been revealed for the moment?