Feb 07, 2019 19:14 IST

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], Feb 7 (ANI): Vadodara, often called the country’s art hub is seeing a new initiative. 29 artists from 18 countries are turning the walls of the central bus stand of the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation into a canvas of varied colours, moods and motifs.
The international artists had come to Gujarat to take part in a Global Art Festival that was sponsored by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited in Kutch.
Artists from Vietnam, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Japan, New Zealand, Uganda, Rwanda, Chile, Argentina and Turkey are participating in creating the mural in collaboration with local artists.
Speaking about the initiative, Mika, an artist form Belgium said, “We are trying to tell people to love their city because there are so many nice things here.”
“You can call our initiative, an ode to the city,” she added.
Revealing that she finds the city to be very welcoming and hospitable, Mika said she feels creativity is in the air in Vadodara, and she is happy painting there.
Another artist, Nevenka Pavich, who has been living in Barcelona for the past 20 years said, “We are trying to do a collective piece of art, a mural in collaboration with local artists.”
Speaking about her experience in the city, she added, “It is a different culture so we are experiencing different kinds of art, but it is a great experience nonetheless. Inspired by Indian art and culture, I always wanted to come to the country, and this provided me with the perfect opportunity.”
Shalini Agrawal, a collector from Vadodara, added, “It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to be part of this event. Art has no language, it just needs a medium to communicate. Each artist over here has been given a specific area on the wall to work with. However, the art that is emerging from them is turning into a single coherent imagery.” (ANI)

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