Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar will soon be seen in the film ‘Gold’. TV actress Mouni Roy is going to debut in Bollywood with this movie. On August 15, the box office will be released, so the promotion of the movie has been started. Recently, on the social media, a video has been released from the film set in which Akshay Kumar is seen pretending to be with Mouni Roy.

To prank with Mouni, Akshay Kumar calls Mouni Roy as a faker and takes an interview about ‘Gold’ shooting and Experience. In this case, on the Mouni sets, they start giving interviews on the phone. After this Akshay Kumar comes after them and says, ‘What is the concern about the winds of London?’ Akshay Kumar says that it is a matter of fact that no reporter on the phone is renewable.

After this, where Mouni is shocked to understand this mischief, the entire team of the film, along with Akshay Kumar, laughing. This video has been shared by filmmakers with all fans on YouTube. This prank video is being liked on social media.

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In this video, Mouni and Akshay are seen talking about each other. While Akshay Kumar is talking about the work of Mouni, there is a talk about Akshay’s joke on the Mouni set. Let me tell you that the trailer for the movie and some songs were released, which gave a good response to the audience on social media. The film collides with John Abraham’s film ‘Satyamev Jayate’ at the box office.

Akshay did a prank with Mouni on the set of 'Gold'1