Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre disclosed the issue of having cancer on her official Instagram account on Wednesday. After that many of the Bollywood industry came in their support. According to the news of Hindustan Times, Akshay Kumar came to meet him on Wednesday to meet Sonali, who was undergoing treatment in New York. Akshay Kumar, who works in several films like ‘Angare’, ‘Keemat’, ‘Tarazu’ and ‘Sapoot’, has taken a toll on Sonali’s health. Akshay told Hindustan Times, “I know Sonali is a fighter. I wish God for his good health. ‘

Akshay Kumar and Sonali Bendre together in the last movie ‘Years 2013’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara’. Let’s say Akshay Kumar is celebrating New York in New York with his wife Twinkle Khanna, Kid Nitara and Aarav, these days. On Thursday, Akshay Kumar posted a photo on Instagram, in which he is seen with his family.

Apart from Akshay, other film stars have also given the message through Sonali Bendre via Twitter. Anil Kapoor also wrote a message to Sonali on his twitter account, ‘You are a fighter and will always be there. I am sending all our cute and support. Hopefully soon after getting fit and recovering.

Apart from Akshay Kumar and Anil Kapoor, many stars including Karan Johar also supported Sonali. Sonali Bendre has told that she has high-grade cancer and is treating it in New York. Sonali Bendre has metastatic cancer.

He said on Twitter that he did not know about this disease. My doctor’s advice is going on in New York. I am fighting cancer and I know that the strengths and blessings of my family and friends are with me. Sonali Bendre and Aamir Khan’s movie ‘Sarfarosh’ was a super hit. Although Sonali Bendre has said in her tweet that the only way to fight against this disease is to take action immediately against it.