Another history has been added to Apple’s success in the iPhone-based company Apple. The US business has crossed $ 1 trillion and it has become the world’s first listed company to do so. Due to the expansion of the company’s business, the demand for Apple’s shares has also increased. Market experts say that no other company has reached the place that Apple has achieved. If you talk about Indian currency, then the business of this company has crossed the figure of about 68 lakh crore rupees.

With the opening of the market on Thursday, the company’s stock in the initial trading was seen to be fluctuating once or twice, but as the market rate of Apple’s mobilizing businessmen started rising rapidly, In 1980, Apple became a listed company. In these three decades, the company has increased by 50 thousand per cent. The company had launched a mobile phone in the world to launch the iPhone in 2007. Since then Apple has a narrow rule in the case of the iPhone.

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Apple’s turnover reached a trillion ($ 1000 billion) on Thursday after the stock price reached $ 207.05. At the moment, top three companies with the market cap are Apple, Amazon and Alphabet. In the April-June quarter, the company’s profits rose 32 per cent to Rs 79,000 crore. With the increasing demand for the iPhone, the revenue of the company increased by 20 per cent. According to the information, Apple has sold nearly 44 million iPhones.