Vietnam’s VietJet airline is known more by its name as ‘Bikini Airline’. The airline is going to start its service soon from India. The airline has announced that their flights will start from New Delhi to Chi Minh City in Vietnam. This service is expected to start between July or August of this year. Its flights will fly four days a week from New Delhi. Let this be known to you that the airline is known for sexist marketing manipulation. It runs Woman Entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao.

Who choose the dress codes of the airline
The airline’s air hostess’s dress code has been chosen by CEO ‘Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao’. Tell that he is the first billion airwoman in Vietnam. Recently, it was discussing the airline football team’s wearing of Lingerie to the air hostess in Wellcome.

One of the disputed airlines
The airline is one of the world’s most controversial airlines. Because some countries are against the concept of bikini hostesses and experts believe that its operation in India will definitely create a ruckus.

'Bikini Airline' will start in India, flights from New Delhi from July

VietJet Vietnam’s first private airline
Let us know, VietJet is the first private airline to operate from Vietnam. In 2017, the company had carried 17 million passengers. This resulted in the total revenue of the airline totalling $ 986 million i.e. over 64 billion rupees. That was 41.8 per cent higher than in 2016.

Operations at 60 Routes
According to the latest figures, VietJet’s aircraft operate at nearly 60 routes domestic and abroad. By 2023 the company aims to include 200 aircraft in its larger. Airlines launched its first commercial flight in December 2011. However, due to the dress codes of their bikini concept and air hostesses, they achieved much time in less time and became the second largest airline in the country.

Social media
At the beginning of the year, Vietjet was very fiercely on social media for marketing. The airline sent the air hostess to the swimming costumes for the football team’s welcome. However, the airline had started headlines in the air by wearing bikini air hostess. But, on most social media platforms, this method was incorrectly stated.