The search engine Google has said that he is developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology in collaboration with many partners including Cisco and Genesis. Its purpose is to operate in call centres through AI techniques. That is, when a customer calls in the call centre, calls will be generated and negotiated through AI techniques. Slowly these techniques will replace the people who work in the call centre.

Contact Center AI will be the name of technology
This software is called ‘Contact Center AI’ which will install ‘Virtual Agents’. These agents will initiate a conversation by lifting the phone while connecting the call centre to the customer. Google’s chief scientist Fai-Fai Lee told during the Cloud Next Conference that if the customer asks something like this, If AI cannot tell, then it will automatically forward the call to a person. He said that our main objective is to empower the workers of a contact centre as well as to empower them to rely on them.

What happens to Artificial Intelligence
AI means to work smartly with machines rather than human. That is, machines should be made so efficient that they can discharge their obligations as a smart person. Artificial Intelligence should be understood as a Current Application. That is an idea through which the data is delivered to the machines and they can learn this way themselves.

Bill in the American Parliament has arrived at the call centre
A bill was introduced in the US Congress Congress in March this year, under which the call center staff in the foreign (in India) must not only tell their location and give the rights to the customers that they will be able to transfer the call to the service agent in the US Can say Democrat Senator Sherwood Brown of Ohio had introduced this bill. Bill was proposed to prepare a public list of companies that can outsource jobs to call centre jobs. In addition, it also proposes to give priority to federal contracts to those companies who have not sent these jobs abroad. There are many companies in the US who have closed call centres all over the country and have started in India or Mexico. Due to large-scale job outsourcing, job loss in the US has worsened.