Actress Chloe Moretz said that since she was separated from Brooklyn Beckham in March, she is single and she is quite fine.

According to the website ‘Daily Mail Dot To Dot UK’, during the show ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’ on Monday she said that she is enjoying the single life.

Asked whether she was in the relationship with the budding photographer? On this, the actress admitted that she was ‘friend’.

she said, “I am single and I am fine. I’m just 21. ”

Chloe Moretz is single after being separated from Beckham

Since separation from a lover, she is focusing her attention on work.

The relationships of both of them continued to fluctuate for years, but in September 2017, the romance of both of them was peaky, when Brooklyn went to America to study photography.

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After separation, the son of legendary player David Beckham was seen lip-hoping with the Brooklyn model Lexy Wood.