The relationship between Bollywood and cricket is very old. Many of Glamor Industry’s Celebs have been in discussions about affair and marriage with well-known players of cricket. Its latest example is Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. A new name is going to be added in this list, Bollywood actress Isha Gupta and cricketer Hardik Pandya. Isha has always been saving with her speaking about the media in front of her relationship, but during a recent show, Isha has discussed this.

Media reports said that Hardik and Isha had met a few days ago. Since then, the news of the marriage of these two is constantly coming out. Isha Gupta recently talking to the media said that I am not getting married right now. Whenever this happens, I will definitely tell you all about this but let the right time for her.

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However, Hardik’s statement has not yet come out on this matter. Hardik’s name has also been linked with Elli Avram earlier. According to a media report, Elli wanted that the Hardik Pandya was serious about the relationship with her, but Hardik was not prepared for any commitments and the relationship between the two came to a crack.

Esha Gupta quotes on Hardik Pandya's affair

Elli and Hardik first appeared together when Elli joined her elder brother’s wedding. After this, the close proximity of both of them had increased.