The European Union imposed a fine of 4.34 billion euros (around $ 5 billion) on Google in the Internet service provider for misusing Android’s system’s dominant status in the market.

This is the biggest penalty imposed by EU on any company for violation of competition provisions. EU’s Competition Commissioner Margaret Westgard said that Google has abused Android’s power to expand its browser and search engine market.

This decision has come at a time after three years of investigation when the US is already having a dispute with the US due to imposing a fee on steel and aluminium. “The European Union has decided to impose a penalty of 4.34 billion euros on Google for violation of the rules of competition,” Westgard said in a press conference.

He said, “Google is involved in illegal activities to strengthen its stake in Internet search. He has to stop activities from either within 90 days or he will have to pay a penalty of five per cent of the average daily revenue.

Earlier, in the case of a shopping on Google, the European Union has imposed a $ 2.4 billion fine in 2017.

Google spokesman Al Varney said in a statement that the company will appeal against this fine. He said, “Android has created more opportunities for people, not less.”

Verney said, ‘Strong ecology, fast innovation and low prices are the traditional indicators of fantastic competition. We will appeal against the decision of the European Union. ‘

In order to give advance notice of the decision of the judge, Vestager talked to the phone on Tuesday night from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Vestager said that Google teamed up with smartphone makers like Samsung and Huawei to splurge their competitors and expose competitors to pre-search the search engine in smartphones.

He said that Google has been forced to make Google search the default search engine instead of using many other apps and services. In addition to this, he also provided financial incentives to smartphone makers and mobile network companies to pre-install Google search.

On this order, Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said that the company will appeal against the decision of Ayyappa.

Pichai wrote in a blog post immediately after the decision, “Constant innovation, wide choice, and falling prices are strong evidence of strong competition. Android has enabled it and has created wide choices and choices for everyone. That is the reason why we want to appeal against the verdict against Android today. ”

According to Google CEO, this fact has been ignored that Android phones compete with iOS phones.

Pichai wrote, “How much Android has given thousands of phone makers and mobile network providers, who create and sell Android phones. Millions of Apple developers around the world have developed their venture with Android and billions of customers are now capable of buying and using the latest Android smartphone.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who is also in charge of competing for policy. According to her, this case is about three types of restrictions imposed by Google, which it has installed on Android device makers and network operators so that the Android device’s traffic goes to Google’s search engine and not anyone else.

Vestager said, ‘In this way, Google has used Android to increase its dominance in search engines. Due to this, the rivals have denied the opportunity to innovate and compete on a talent basis. They have deprived European consumers of the benefits of effective competition in the important mobile area. It is illegal under EU anti-trust rules. ‘

Specifically, Google has pre-installed the Google App Store (Play Store) license manufacturers to pre-install Google’s Search app and browser app (Chrome). Google has also paid large manufacturers and mobile network operators to pre-install their app.

Earlier, the European Union had imposed heavy fines on two other big companies of America, Apple and Facebook. The tension between the US and the European Union continues to relent to the current level of stress, with this decision tension can reach new high levels.