Social networking site Facebook is going to bring a new feature. According to reports, the social site will keep an eye on this feature through how much time you spend on Facebook. This feature has been given the possible name Your Time on Facebook.

This feature will tell how much time a user spends on Facebook every week in a week. Also, how much time does the average of every day. According to Tech website, this new feature also gives the user the facility to manage Facebook notifications with their daily time limit.

Commenting on the statement of the Facebook spokesman, the website has written that we are working on the fact that the time spent on the user’s Facebook spent on the right way.

Please note that Apple and Google had earlier released such a feature which monitors how much time users spend on their computers and tablets.

The spokesperson said that self-policing becomes more important when Apple and Google are presenting their own monitoring features, which show which app is pulling you more attention and lock it when your time is over.

According to the report, Facebook is currently developing this feature and nothing has been said about when this feature will be released.