For the first time, an Asia team has defeated some Latin American team in the World Cup. Japan beat Colombia and did this amazing.

Japan made history in FIFA World Cup 2018 He became the first Asian team to beat a South American team in the FIFA World Cup. On the eve of Yuya Osaka’s header, Japan defeated Colombia 2-1 in their first exciting group match on Tuesday and started with a win. In the Group-H match played at Moderavia Arena, Japan opened the account on penalties with the goal of Shinji Kagawa (sixth minute). In the match for Colombia, the only goal was in Juan Quintro (39th minute).

In the first group match, with a good luck, the Japanese team got the opportunity to score a penalty in the third minute. Soccer football collided with Colombian player Carlos Sanchez, trying to stop the pass from the Japanese players. In such a way, a red card was given to Penalty and Sanchez to Japan. Borujia Dartmand Club midfielder Shinji Kagawa opened the account in Japan with a straight shot in the sixth minute.

Colombia got a free kick in the 11th minute. Team captain Radmel Phalko shot the shot, but Japan’s goalkeeper AIG Kawashima saved it. The attack of both the teams was working very well in this match. Columbia was getting an opportunity to reach Japan’s goal post, but she could not distinguish her defense.