Feb 07, 2019 11:39 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 7 (ANI): These days, brands go an extra mile to engage with customers. While it’s not unusual for brands to interact with users on social media, we rarely see them sharing a meme to engage with their followers. But that’s exactly what Indigo airline did.
Indigo found an innovative way of asking passengers why they stand up even when the seat belt sign is on, using a ‘We really really really’ meme.  
“We really really really really… want to know why people stand up even when the seat belt sign is on!,” the airline asked its followers on Twitter.

For those who are unaware of the ‘we really really really’ meme, this involves using the world ‘really’ in different lines so that it creates a curved pattern and has become a very popular trend on Twitter and Facebook.
Shortly after the meme was tweeted, thousands of users responded with some witty comments. While some answered the question, others replied with funny counter questions.  
Complaining about the lack of leg room in the flight, a user wrote, “Because there’s no leg room on your flights, Nancy.”

“It’s like we really dont know why u announce boarding and then make the people wait on Aero Bridges for eternity,” wrote another.

Asking what needs to be asked a user wrote, “We really really really really… want to know why do we have to pay for web check-ins.”

Complaining about their international flight services, another user wrote, “We really really really really… want to know why u charge for meals on international flights in international currency & don’t return change,”

Reassuring the airline that Indians are used to balancing themselves, a user wrote, “Don’t worry about us, we are used to balancing ourselves on the bumpy ride on our roads. When we do not fall in bus, you think we will fall in your plane?”

Taking a dig at their overpriced food menu, a user wrote, “no one wants to stay long on a flight which charges Maagi Noodles for 300 rupees.”

While the interaction was funny to a great extent as the tweet was met with funny responses from the followers, Indigo did not shy away from reacting to some genuine concerns regarding their service.

This is not the first time a brand has used the ‘We really really really’ meme to strike a fun interaction with its twitter followers.
In January, Google India took to its Twitter handle to ask why people are chasing the Google Assistant to marry them.
“We really want to know why you keep asking the Google Assistant to marry you,” read the tweet. (ANI)

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