Hollywood actress Vanessa Marquez (49) died of a police bullet. It is being told that Marx had tarnished the real-looking BB Gun (Toy Gun) on the police, after which the police fired and died. The police went to the welfare check after their home landlady’s call. But at the time the market was standing with the gun. The police had to open fire, in which they died.

It is being told that when the police reached the house at Pasadena, Los Angeles, at the Pasadena in Los Angeles, the mental condition of Marcus was not feeling well. The police immediately contacted the Mental Health Clinic. Officials of the Police and Mental Health Clinic talked about the market for about half an hour so that they could be given the necessary help.

Heroine shot a fake gun, police shot dead real shot

Despite the explanation, the market was not ready to hear. After this, he gave a hand over to the handgun police officers, which led to the police being shot. Until then, the police did not know that the gun which is near the market is fake. When the investigation was done, the police found that Marx had a BB gun, which threatened the police officers. It is being told that the market was struggling with mental problems.

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Tell us that the Marquez will always be remembered for the Nurse ‘Vendee Goldman’ role in America’s hit TV series ‘ER’. He also worked in ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Blood in Blood Out’. Last year, he was also in the discussion because of accusing Hollywood actor George Clooney of sexual abuse and discrimination. Clooney was his co-star in ‘ER’. He had accused Clooney that he had blacklisted them from the show due to sexual harassment and racial discrimination. However, Clooney said in response to this allegation that there was no interference in casting.