India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s mind is not considered as the only iron in the world of cricket. In a number of matches, Dhoni has teamed up with the team with the right decisions at the right time. While being no longer the captain of the team, Dhoni is seen helping the captain and the team’s players often help. During the Asia Cup 2018 match between India and Bangladesh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has also been seen helping the captain Rohit Sharma several times.

Where to take Shakib Al Hasan’s tough wicket, Fielding of another Mahendra Singh Dhoni is being highly appreciated. On the other hand, Dhoni was seen helping out while captain Rohit Sharma was out. During the match, Rohit Sharma and Mahendra Singh Dhoni were on the crease.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni was on the strike and Rohit Sharma was on the other end of the crease. Mahendra Singh Dhoni faced 37 balls and scored 33 runs with three fours. He was out on 170 at the total score. Dhoni played the shot on Mashrafe Mortaza’s ball, but the ball stood in the hands of Mohit Mithun standing on the boundary.

During this time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, while showing great sense, Rohit Sharma indicated the change of ends and brought him on strike. If Dhoni did not change the ends, then the new batsman had to face the ball, because Rohit Sharma had his feet on the crease, so it was easy for him to face the baller. In such a manner, by showing Dhoni’s sense of understanding, Rohit Sharma is asked to change the ends.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s understanding of his fans is convincing. In such a situation, when Dhoni got to bat on the field, then the entire stadium was echoed with ‘Dhoni-Dhoni’.

Explain that Indian captain Rohit won the toss and decided to bowl first. Their bowlers proved the captain’s decision correct. After long intervals, Ravindra Jadeja, who was returning to the one-day internationals, took four wickets and restricted the Bangladesh batsmen to a score of 173 runs. After this easy target, India achieved just three wickets in 36.2 overs.