For faster internet speed, there is bad news for those who use broadband, Wi-Fi. A new study claims that the use of fast Internet access, how you sleep and how much sleep can affect it. This research has found that those who use Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) can take 25 minutes less sleep than DSL internet users. DSL is a technology that transmits more bandwidth internet to homes and small businesses than ordinary copper telephone wires.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in Italy and the University of Pittsburgh said that the use of fast Internet access reduces the duration of sleep and the satisfaction of sleep-completion, which can not take time for work or family reasons in the morning.

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Bocconi University professor Francesco Billari said, “People using DSL internet sleep less than 25 minutes less than DSL Internet users.” “Those people cannot sleep for seven to nine hours and they cannot even be satisfied with their sleep,” said Billari. The scientific community needs to take seven to nine hours of sleep. This research has been published in the journal ‘Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization’.