Mumbai is getting very heavy rain, and the knock of monsoon has put the people in the nose of the people. The Mumbai Weather (Mumbai Weather) has become very pleasant with the rain, but rainwater has also been haunting people. In the rainy season of Mumbai, where some people are stupid in their names, there are some who are enjoying it very much. A similar case of Malaika Arora’s duplicate Heena Panchal is also. Heena Panchal used to use this dawn of rain to show her talent.

Heena Panchal has danced on the song “Tip Tip Barasa Pani” of the movie ‘Mohar’. A video of Hena Panchal is getting viral in which she is dancing very well. Anyway, Malaika Arora Khan is recognized due to her dance, and there is no shortage of Heena Panchal’s dance, and she is doing a very amazing dance. Heena Panchal is dancing with the whole rhythm and that too on the roof of her house. It is called the dance craze which also remained in the Mumbai Rain.

Heena Panchal is a well-known name of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu film industry. Heena Panchal did not do many films, but she has danced the item in many films, which have been quite discussed. She has song items such as hookah, mohalla, Bebo Bebo, Raju o Raju. Malaika Arora Khan has also praised her. That’s why this new gift for his fans is really amazing.