Whatsapp has given a great shock to Indian users in the crackdown on Fake News. Whatsapp has fixed the limits of the chat. Also removed a feature. Whatsapp has set the limits for sending messages only to Indian users. Whatsapp has taken this step after the government’s notice. According to the company, Indian users will not be able to use the Quick Forward button anymore. Quick forward button option comes after media message. Whatsapp has made changes to this feature only for Indian users.

Indians forward more
According to the new guidelines of Whatsapp, Indian users forward more messages than other countries. These include videos and photos too. Let’s tell you, there are about 20 million users of Whatsapp in India. In the past, Whatsapp had issued the guidelines. But, to curb the ban on Fake News, the Indian government issued another notice. Let me tell you, after spreading the news of WhatsApp News, there were reports of Mob Lynching in many places in the country.

Whatsapp action after government notice
In a statement released on Friday, Whatsapp said that he is doing the testing of forwarding limits. We will do more for this soon. Currently, no more than 5 people have been limited to sending messages. For this, the Quick Forward button has been removed. Let’s tell you, Whatsapp gave this feature to users for multiple chats a few years ago.

The government sent a second notice
The government has sent another notice to Whatsapp on Thursday. In the notice, the government has warned that those who become the medium of rumours will also be found guilty and they will also face legal action if they do not take measures. The government sent this notice after the events of Mob Leaching in the country. Even before this, the government has been continuously asking for WhatsApp and Facebook to stop Fake News.

The guidelines were previously set on the message forward
Whatsapp had announced a few days ago that he is launching a new feature, thanks to which you can know which message has come forward. If you read something in the message that makes you feel angry or afraid, then try to know whether the purpose of that message was to create such feelings in you and if the answer is ‘yes’ then you can give it to other people Do not send to.

Edited Photos and Videos
Whatsapp had expressed the possibility of editing photos and videos in their guideline. According to Whatsapp, these are easily convinced, but they are edited to confuse. So after checking for yourself, forward it forward.