Facebook-owned company Instagram, during an event held in San Francisco, told that the company has crossed 1 billion active users. Let me tell you that this figure was 800 million by September 2017. In the same event, the company has also launched a new video app IGTV.

Instagram has become the fourth company to cross 1 billion in Facebook’s Social Apps. Facebook is the first number with 2.2 billion users in this list. At the same time, Whatsapp with second and 1.5 billion users is Facebook Messenger with the second and 1.3 billion users. “We have added more than 1 billion users to our platform, and we hope that this figure will increase further in the coming days,” said Kevin Sistrom, co-founder of Instagram.”He has also promised users that they will continue to get innovative features on the platform.

What is the IGTV standalone app?

The company has also announced a new IGTV standalone app. This app will compete with snapchat and YouTube. When users download and install this app, the vertical videos of people you have followed will play automatically. This app is available for Android and iOS. The company said that this app has been made so that the video can be easily found and played on the phone.