The bad news came a few days before the Bollywood industry that after actor Irfan Khan, now the famous actress Sonali Bendre is also battling cancer. The actress has given this information through a post on Twitter itself. Sonali has told that she has been suffering from high-grade cancer and is treating it in New York. After finding this, Bollywood artists have requested for the fast recovery of Sonali. Meanwhile, Canadian actress Lisa Ray of Indian-origin who has lost Cancer has also expressed the hope of recovering soon after Sonali via social media.

For Sonali, Lisa Ray wrote through the tweet that, “Dear Sonali Bendre, I am thinking about you. To say something like this, the words are very few and I have learned that it is fine but I want to send you my whole love. ‘ Let me tell you that, in 2009, Lisa had multiple myeloma. These white-born cells have cancer. After that, he got treatment for a year after which Lisa Ray had overcome cancer. It is said that multiple myeloma is never completely cured. In such a way, Lisa is not yet fully fit.

Let me tell you that Bollywood was stunned when it came to knowing about Sonali and everyone wished Sonali to wish her good luck. Knowing about Sonali’s illness, actor Akshay Kumar went to New York to meet him. Sonali is currently undergoing treatment in New York.

Please tell that Sonali wrote in her post, “After the recent investigation, I have come to know that I have high blood sugar. I was never afraid of it After the persistent pain I did my own investigation, after which the shocking report came out. The actress further wrote, “In this hour my family and my friends are with me and are giving me support in every possible manner. I am thankful to them and feeling lucky for myself.

Sonali further wrote, ‘There was no better way than to take action immediately to deal with it. Therefore, on the advice of my doctors, I am getting treatment in New York. We remain positive and I am ready to fight on every step. Musa, which has been very helpful, is the love and support found in the last few years, for which I am grateful. I am moving forward in this war, knowing that behind me is the power of my family and friends.’

Let’s say that, recently the Sonali TV show was working as a judge in India’s Best Dramebaaz, but Huma Qureshi was replaced at her place.

Akshay Kumar, who came to meet Sonali Bendre fighting cancer