Feb 10, 2019 00:27 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 9 (ANI): Magnani 1404, a quintessential luxury paper, enters the Indian market with its exhibition at India Art Fair 2019 held recently in the national capital. Magnani 1404 is a six-hundred-year-old mill in Italy producing papers for the fine arts, which offers rich quality paper guaranteeing the highest standards. It is available in a versatile range of sizes and in unique square, round and landscape forms.
The brand is stepping into the Indian market with a tie-up with Sona Papers, one of the biggest paper merchant in India. Being an Italian brand, the papers will be manufactured in Italy only whereas, it’s distribution throughout India will be done by Sona Papers; the brand which is already known for its premium range of fine paper in India which merges with diverse creative needs.
Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Raju Suneja, Director of Sona Papers and official spokesperson of Magnani 1404 in India said, “We are really excited about Magnani 1404’s venture into the Indian market. As India is famous for its diverse culture, arts and artists, hence, it is a great market to expand our business for numerous opportunities. With this new range of the finest paper in the world, we are certain to bring a different perceptive for art in India. “
Further talking about Magnani 1404, he added, “The Magnani 1404 paper mill date their origins back to the 15th century and all its substrates are manufactured on cylinder mould machines using a unique combination of tradition and technology. The papers are of 100% cotton and 100% high alpha cellulose for applications like Watercolor, Sketching & Drawing, Oil & Acrylic, and Pastels. (ANI)

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