Often people are complaining about YouTube that the company does not give proper money when making videos and posting. But now these people will be given a new opportunity to earn money from YouTube. Actually, YouTube will now allow people to start a channel for which they will get money from viewers. YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan said that most of the earnings in the service of Google’s proprietary rights are currently on advertisements.

Neil said, “The main focus will remain on this now, but we want to think other than advertisements. There are many ways and opportunities to make money with the makers of the videos. ‘ In order to subscribe to channels with more than one million subscribers, the audience will have to pay a monthly fee of $ 4.99 ie around Rs 320. The company said that the shirts of the video maker or the cover of the phone can also be sold on the channel.

Earlier, there was only one option to make money through YouTube. In this, if you have shared any video on YouTube, payment is made to you according to the advertisement on it. You are paid on behalf of Adsense, Google’s company that runs the advertising business. Google gives advertisements in your work, increasing the user’s interaction on these ads, you earn money as well as the company. Many people are earning millions of rupees from this work.

Google Adsense works to bring Ads (Ads) to YouTube, Blog, Website. In such a way, the number of users on your created video or article increases as well, so your level of earnings also increases. But now Google has introduced a new plan for channels with one million or more subscribers.