Social media is constantly threatening theft of people’s data. Recently, Facebook had a case of hacking accounts of large amounts of people. Even before that, data of 5 million people was stolen from Facebook. Now a video on YouTube is becoming viral, in which the way Facebook is hacked has been explained. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video shows how millions of Facebook accounts can be hacked.

Facebook currently has 50 million i.e. 5 million users This video of this hacking is being shown on Google’s video platform YouTube. The special feature is that this video is being viewed fast on social media.

Now showing on YouTube video how to hack facebook

Head of Facebook Cyber ​Security Police told that he is alert about this video. At the same time, the company is paying much attention to how to make their clients’ accounts more secure. Hackers activities are being monitored.

A Google spokeswoman also said that he is keeping an eye on such a video and the video that misleads people is being removed. Also, the videos that are working to promote illegal activities are also being removed from the site.

Facebook account hack
Let us know that accounts of Facebook’s 5 million users were hacked on Friday. Suggestions of 5 million people are likely to be stolen from this hacking. This is the biggest incident of hacking in the history of Facebook. On this hacking, Facebook also acknowledged that his team found a disturbance in Facebook’s ‘View Age’ feature. It is being said that the ‘View Ages’ feature can be intercepted in the second ID. The company told that the hackers had stolen the Facebook access token through the ‘View Age’ feature. Vice President of Facebook’s Product Management, Gay Rosen, wrote a post and acknowledged that the attackers were successful in seizing the code of Facebook.

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Hacker’s Open Challenge to Mark Zuckerberg
In the Facebook account, the case of a burglary has not yet been made clear that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has got an open challenge that his account will be deleted after hacking. The name given to this threat is being named Chang Chi Yuan. Hacker has said that this hacking live stream will be through Bug Bounty Hunter. This hacking can be seen on the social media platform.

Explain that bug bounty programs are common in tech companies. Facebook has such a program too. These companies are used to catch flaws in the system.