Singer Ariana Grande surprised his fans by announcing his engagement. Ariana was dating American actor and comedian Pete Davidson from the month of May. The Engagement Ring Ariana, which Pete has given, is in the news headlines all over the world. The price of this Engagement Ring is being told about 93 thousand dollars.

Ariana has surprised the people of this news with this news. The reason for this is that both of them gave a new dimension to their relationship within a few weeks. According to the reports, PETE had been trying to propagate Ariana since last month.


Jeweler Greg Yuna “PETE called me in the last days of May and said I need this ring. They did not tell me what these rings are for whom they are taking. He gave no information to me and asked me to keep this thing secret.

Greg said, “I took two weeks to make this Pierre-shaped ring. For this ring, PETE has paid 93 thousand dollars (about 63 lakh rupees).

In May, Ariana revealed that after living with two years now she and the rapper Mac Miller are separated. About this time Pete also broke up with KG David. Please tell that Pete and Ariana have celebrated their engagement in Disneyland along with their family and friends.