In the last few days, the fall in the price of crude oil is visible in the domestic market. After the Karnataka assembly elections, starting on May 30, the continuation of the fall will continue on June 23. On June 25, on June 25, the price of petrol was 9 to 13 paise and diesel was down by 7 to 12 paise. Earlier on June 22, there was no change in the price of petrol and 14 paise of diesel. Today, six days later, there was a change in the price of diesel. Although the price of Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai declined during the six days, prices were still at the old level in Delhi.

After the Karnataka elections, petrol has been reduced by Rs 2.50 and diesel 2.30 in the last 25 days. In Delhi, the price of petrol has come down to 75 rupees 93 paise, while diesel is sold at 67 rupees 61 paise per litre. In Mumbai, petrol is sold at Rs 83.61 per litre and diesel 71.87 per litre on Saturday. In Chennai, petrol rates have reached Rs 78.80 per litre, while in Kolkata it is Rs 78.61 per litre.

Diesel is sold at Rs 71.87 per litre in Mumbai on Saturday. In Kolkata, it is Rs 70.16 per litre, Chennai has a rate of 71.36 rupees per litre. During the fall in oil prices, the companies had the biggest downturn on June 9. On this day, a litre of diesel was cut by 32 paise and petrol was 42 paise.

Petrol prices in 4 metros
– Delhi: Rs. 75.93
– Kolkata: Rs 78.61
– Mumbai: Rs 83.61
– Chennai: 78.80

Diesel prices in 4 metros
– Delhi: 67.61
– Kolkata: Rs 70.16
– Mumbai: Rs 71.87
– Chennai: 71.36

Oil prices rose after the meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on June 22. Oil prices rose by $ 3.04 to $ 68.58 a barrel on the New York Merke tile exchange on Friday, while Brent crude on London ICE Futures Exchange The price rose $ 2.50 to $ 75.55 a barrel. In OPEC meeting, an agreement was reached to increase the production of oil. After the agreement, oil production will increase in the coming days and prices may come down.