(Sameer Dikshit) In the election year, the Railway Ministry is going to take a big step to win the hearts of railway passengers. In addition to changing the method of eating and drinking in the capital, centenary and distant places, there will be an improvement in the latitudes of trains, hygiene, etc. In fact, the Prime Minister’s Office has instructed the Ministry of Railways.

PMO takes a meeting of nine Infra sectors every month. In this meeting, the performance of the Ministry is reviewed. Guidelines for necessary correction or change are given. PMO has given clear instructions to the railway ministry that in order to improve the falling image of the railway, it has to work in three directions.

The railway has focused its attention on the Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto. After the instructions of the PMO, there is a tremendous emphasis on improving the catering of the Railways. Railways are preparing to join the combo mile in the menu in all the Shatabdi trains. Under the combo mile, Cholele Bhithur wants to add more local cues than idli sambhar to more. The entire vegetable combo is also being considered to be included in the menu again.

Similarly, under the change in the Rajdhani and Duronto, adding green tea to the menu, chocolate and packaged items are being implemented. There will be an emphasis on dry or dry items. Under this, the Railways want to adopt the airline model. In the menu, we get veg biryani, roti-dry vegetable and a liquid vegetable or lentils.

There is a plan to make changes not only in the food but also in the manner of serving food in the Railways. Within three months, all the food serving will be seen in a dress, in which IRCTC will be chipped and the mobile number complaining will be clearly marked on the dress.

With all this, there is a plan to include some items in the food for the children but, at this time there is no unanimous agreement on the railway. Because this will not only increase the costing but also can be a matter of food waste. The special thing is that with the meal, hand sanitizer will also be given to keep passengers clean. The government wants an election year in the eyes of the passengers to improve the image of the railway.