Everyone was expecting Priyanka Chopra’s association with Salman Khan to join Big Budget project like “Bharat”, but the news of separation from Priyanka’s film on Friday surprised everyone. Although director Ali Abbas Zafar has made it clear that Priyanka was separated from this film and wishing them good luck in the future, it has made it very peaceful. But the news coming from the sources associated with the set of this film is just saying some other story. The news is that Priyanka’s decision has made Salman Khan very annoyed.

According to our website BollywoodLife, Salman is very angry with Priyanka’s decision. Actually, Salman Khan concentrates on every decision related to casting his films. Actually, the relationship between Salman and Priyanka started in the beginning, when Salman Khan wanted to take Priyanka out of a film and take Katrina. However, later both of them rejected this news. Actually Salman Khan’s younger sister Arpita is a good friend of Priyanka and even earlier Arpita did her work to increase friendship in the relationship between these two.

Let’s say that if reports of international media are believed, then Priyanka Chopra and Nick have engaged only after two months of dating. In this case, the film ‘Bharat’ director Ali Abbas Zafar has also confirmed that the reason for Priyanka being separated from this film is nothing but the relationship with Nick Jonas. Ali wrote in his tweet, “Yes, Priyanka Chopra is no longer a part of Bharat and the reason is very special. They told us about our decision and we all are very happy for them. Team ‘Bharat’ gives Priyanka Chopra a lot of blessings for the future. ‘