Rakhi Sawant always keeps in headlines due to his statements and objections. Once again she is in front of his fans with a new video. As always, she is entertaining his fans and her video is becoming very viral.

If you are thinking that this is Rakhi’s dance or act video then you are wrong. Actually, these video actresses are not Rakhi, but Rakhi Sawant is a doctor. Rakhi Sawant is telling in this video how you can avoid a heart attack. They have disclosed how your nose can be harmful to your heart.

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She looks like a hair remover for the video. They are also counting its benefits. Rakhi is telling that you can clean your nose’s hair with the machine that is in their hands. If you do this then you are safe, but if you do not do it, then your nose may be blocked and due to this you can come to a heart attack.

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