Salman Khan requests fans to stop going out and take precautions against COVID-19 to save lives | Hindi Movie News

After spending some time with his beloved nephew Ahil, son of Arpita Khan, superstar Salman Khan took to his Twitter account to do what every other person including celebrities over the world is doing – a request to take all the necessary precautions to stay safe from the deadly Coronavirus and that way stop the spread of the disease. Salman posted a video yesterday where he is seen asking people why they were not following simple rules like not travelling in public transport and not going out in the market.

Further in the clip, the Dabangg star is seen asking people to not take it as a dare to step out even as a joke or take it to be a public holiday. He requests them to consider the fact that they will be saving many lives including their own just by not venturing out. Asking why isn’t anyone following all this and explicitly mentioning at the end of the video that this is a request, Salman ended the clip.

With all these stars doing their bit by asking their fans to take all the safety measures against the Coronavirus, we hope that people will take it seriously and not venture out unnecessarily. On Thursday evening, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, requested people to follow a Janta Curfew on Sunday, March 22, that is today, from 7 am to 9 pm. He also asked the citizens of India to step out on their balconies or stand at their windows at 5 pm and applaud the heroes who have been tirelessly working for COVID-19 patients. Let’s hope people follow this today!

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