Katrina will now be part of the film after Priyanka Chopra leaves Salman Khan’s movie ‘Bharat’. It is being said that Katrina has admitted the film, which Salman is very happy with. He also wanted to take Katrina for the film before. Now that the PC is separated from the movie, Katrina has agreed to fix the fee without paying. After which Salman has disclosed that he will pay the same amount to Katrina as Priyanka was given. According to a report, Priyanka was given Rs. 12 crores for the film. At the same time, Katrina takes about Rs 5-6 crore as a fee for a film.

Katrina said, “The call of director of the film Ali Abbas came, they called me goldfish, they said that I have sent the script when I read the script, I liked my character and now I am happy that I I have joined. ”

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Ali Abbas tweeted, “Yes Priyanka Chopra is no longer a part of the film ‘Bharat’, who told us about our decision in ‘Nick’ of Time, after knowing whom we are all very happy, the whole team of India Best wishes to Priyanka Chopra. ”

Salman Khan will give double fee to Katrina Kaif for 'Bharat'

In a telephonic conversation from a website, Salim Khan said, ‘Anyone will come in her place. Whatever has happened is fine, if Priyanka is not doing ‘Bharat’ then it is not right that such things happen in the industry. Is this the first time that somebody left a movie? My film ‘Zanjeer’ also passed through many ups and downs. Anyway, sometimes some man has his own compulsions. I do not know the details yet, why Priyanka left the film, but we will soon cast another person in their place soon. We are not angry with them nor are Salman angry with them.