Sunny Leone’s biopic ‘Karanjit: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone’ is in the discussion. In the film, Sunny has played the title role herself. On the release of the 10 episodes of the digital platform, there have been many such stories of Sunny’s life in the web series, which people were still unaware of. One such incident is Sunny’s first earning. When Sunny’s family’s economic situation was not well. Then his mother had to lay down her mangalsutra. When Sunny came to know about this, he rescued his mother’s Manglasutra from his first earnings.

This is the 2003 story when Sunny received an offer for a bold photoshoot from Adult Magazine ‘Penthouse’. In those days, Sunny’s father had gone to the job. Sunny’s mother, who ran home, was struggling with difficulties. Meanwhile, after winning a beauty contest, Sunny received this photo shoot. Although Sunny was confused whether to accept offers or not.

One day Sunny saw the mother going to market. On chasing the mother, Sunny saw that her mother Mangalasutra had gone to mortgages. At first Sunny thought that mother has gone to mortgage due to the habit of drinking alcohol, but when mother told her about the condition of the house, Sunny also got disturbed.

Seeing the condition of the house, Sunny Leone was ready for a bold photoshoot

Sunny’s mother asked her not to tell this to Father. Instead of Mangalsutra, she got 400 dollars. After this incident, Sunny accepted the offer of ‘Penthouse’ magazine. Instead of a bold photoshoot, he got $1000. This was Sunny’s first earnings, and with this, she first released the mother’s mangalsutra. Subsequently, Sunny started offering many more photoshoot offers.

Sunny’s parents did not know that her daughter had made bold photoshoots. Sunny worked apart from ‘Penthouse’ and ‘Aditya Magazine’ in ‘Cheri’ and ‘Mystique’. Sunny has modelled for Vivid Footwear collection as well as some other brands.

Seeing the condition of the house, Sunny Leone was ready for a bold photoshoot

Sunny Leone journalist Anupam Choubey is seen giving interviews in the biopic. Regarding becoming a porn star, Sunny says that it requires groups. Strong intentions are also needed to take out clothes. When you start taking questions on this interview, Sunny answers: “Then why do not you try.”

Sunny was born in 1981 in the Punjabi Sikh family in Serbia, Ontario, Canada. Sunny was 11 years old when her family shifted to US Sunny’s father was an engineer, while Mother House Wife. she has a brother Sandeep Singh Vohra who is a chef in America.