Apple founder Steve Jobs, one of the world’s largest companies, had a very bad relationship with his daughter. Even for many years, he did not consider his daughter to be his own. Now Steve Jobs’s daughter has written a book on relationships with her father, in which she has told how Steve Jobs told her that the toilet was staining from them in the last days of his life.

Lisa Brennan Jobs wrote a book called ‘Small Fry’. Lisa is Steve Jobs’s first daughter. Lisa has stated in the book how her father has not considered her as a daughter for many years, and when Steve finally accepted it, he kept a distance from his daughter until his last moments.

An element of the book is printed in ‘Vanity Fair’. In this, Lisa is remembering that when Steve Jobs struggled with cancer and could not even sit in bed, she went to meet him. She had sprinkled the fragrance of the rose on herself but Steve Jobs told her that the toilet was staining from them. Brennan jobs believe that having an embarrassment on her birth was the biggest reason for his relationship with her father.

Steve Jobs's daughter opens the secret of relationships with her father

Brennan has told how once she had asked for her father’s old Porsche car, in response to which Steve had told her, ‘You will not find anything. Understand you Nothing, you will not get anything. ‘

Brennan Jobs is the daughter of Apple Founder and Chrisann Brennan. she was born in 1978. Chrisann and Steve dated each other for nearly 5 years but both were separated when Chrisann was promoted. Steve Jobs refused to accept her child, after which the court ordered the Perfection Test and it was confirmed that the girl’s father is Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs died in 2011. Until the daughter was nine, Steve Jobs used to claim that he is Infertile and therefore he can not become a father. Steve Jobs later had three children with his wife, Lauren Powell.

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However, Steve Jobs later apologized but Brennan wrote in the book that her relationship with his father was always stressful. she said that sometimes she used to go to her father’s house but during her conversation, she used to remain silent too.

Brennan wrote in her biography, “For them, I was like a scar on her progress because our story did not fit with the story of greatness and qualities that she wanted for herself. The opposite was true for me. The closer I was to them, the less embarrassment felt. ‘