Dr. Pratap Chauhan, director of Jiva written material same that blood donation could be a mahadan, it’s thought of to be similar to life. Blood donation not solely saves the life of another person, however additionally helps donor to be healthy, thus it’s helpful for each.

Dr. Chauhan issued an announcement on Tuesday and same that blood donation could be a vitalizing activity which will save the life of an individual. Therefore, whenever there’s an opportunity, all healthy men and ladies ought to present blood.

He said, “Blood is a vital metal and blood donation allows the body to regenerate new blood. folks of gall nature are typically suggested to require the shape of pressure Panchkarma medical care, thence the folks of gall nature by blood donation profit the same as blood clots will meet. ”

Dr. Chauhan same that it’s important for the blood donors to own healthy and healthy diet and to rest well, in order that the new blood cells are often restored, otherwise it will cause blood loss within the body.

The same that Jiva written material was established in 1992 with the aim of making a healthy, happy and peaceful society by invigorating the religious writing Indian Science, written material of treatment and health advantages in fashionable terms.