Giant Technology Company Google is removing nearly 100 ‘bad’ (scam) ads per second due to violating its policies and regulations and will soon launch the certification program to avoid such advertisements. This report from The Wall Street Journal reports that ‘scammers are buying Search Ad for companies like Apple Inc’.

After publishing, Google said Saturday that he is taking action against scammers. David Graf, Director of Google Global Product Policy, said, “Only last year we had removed 3.2 billion ads that violated our rules.

The major step taken by Google, removing 100 bad ads every second

This is more than 100 ads per second. “They said,” We are taking more steps. We have registered a growing number of scam Ad and have started banning ads in this category globally. “In the coming months, Google will start the certification program, which can prevent such advertisements already.

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Google said, “Our priority is to maintain a healthy advertising environment and this means to protect people from misinformation, false and harmful ads.” This step was taken after using Google’s advertising system to create the wrong advertisement by scammers.