Does this question often bother you why you are single yet? Generally, people’s response to this question is different. If someone tells it misfortune, then there is a bad luck and some people have the answer that they like being alone. But in reality we think a lot about it too. We think why we are alone and what is the reason that so far no relationships exist.

If there are questions in your mind why you are still alone, then here are some important reasons to know about

1. You love yourself a lot: sometimes you think that you are enough for yourself but this is not true. You also feel the lack of not being a partner. But the problem is that you are busy loving yourself that you can not give time to someone else who you want to give yourself, due to which you have no partner.

2. Your unrealistic expectations: Thinking about love that your partner will fulfill you, is the biggest misconception. In fact, only you can satisfy your heart and your partner will be a catalyst and nothing else. That is why expecting too much from your partner or saying that doing unrealistic expectations is not right for the relationship.

3. You feel that you are not ready for a relationship: It happens many times, when you feel that you are not ready to handle the relationship and by that time you decide to live alone. But honestly, unless you dip into the water, you will not know the depth of the river.

4. You are affected by people: it is one of the reasons that keep you single. You are influenced by what people think about you and you try to change according to them. From which you start losing your originality. By listening to people’s words, losing your identity, makes you a flexible person, who stops you from being committed to any relationship.