Natural scenes and beauty will be seen in many places, but have you ever seen such a river which is like a whole glass. Yes, this is a river that shines like a mirror. Hundreds of people come here from remote areas, cities, and abroad only for boating. Let’s know where this river is.

Indeed, the name of this river is Ummaghat river which flows between the small township of East Jaintia Hills District near the India-Bangladesh border.


The town is 95 kilometers away from Shillong capital. This river is transparent, like glass.
Davaki town is a busy business route between India and Bangladesh. Ummanghat is the main fishing destination for fishermen nearby.

It is about 95 km from the capital of Meghalaya, Shillong. It seems like floating on a glass while boating it.

There is a strict law on cleanliness. Cleanliness is strictly followed in Ummanghat river.
Guwahati railway station is a nearby station to go from Umaanaghat train.