Continuous features are updated in Whatsapp. Privacy is the most important. There are several layers of privacy in this app. Which you can use to manipulate If you do not want to hide your personal data online while still online while others are online, let us tell you that trick. Through this trick, you will be seen offline even when you are online and it will also end the chances of Blue Tick. To say it means that you will read the message of the front but the face will not see the blue tick.

How to turn off Blue Tick and the Last Seen?
First, go to Whatsapp settings and click on the account. Then click on Privacy Settings and click on the option of the Last Seen. You will now have three options everybody (all people), my contacts (my contact) and Nobody (none). Now you voluntarily click on any one option. If you want your Last Seen to see no one, then you can click the last option, No Buddy.

How to turn off blue tick?
The way to turn off Blue Tick is to go to Whatsapp settings and go back to privacy by clicking on the account again. Now you will get the option of reading receipts at the bottom and there will be a tick option next to it. If you do not want Blue Tick with your message, then you can tick this option and tick it to ON. After giving off this feature, you will not even know whether your message was read or not. After turning on this feature, two blue ticks come after the message is read.