US President Donald Trump is among the most popular figures. Since the election of the US president, he has been searched the most in the world due to his different style and decisions. But, there was also a lot of rumours about his decisions for America. He is also among the most popular people on social media. Trump himself considers that he is the smartest, but Google does not believe it. They have a different picture on Google search. According to a news published on the US website USA Today, if you search for Idiot on Google, the first picture of Donald Trump will be revealed.

Trump’s picture at the top Why?
Why is the picture of Trump at the top of Google search? In fact, when you type a keyword on Google Images, it first shows those pictures in which the particular words are placed in the meta tag. This means that thousands of people have uploaded the photos of the trump while tagging with the word ‘idiots’.

The most reliable in Google rankings
Google-ranking is probably not the most trusted source, but it’s still very fun. Actually, we tried to do it ourselves and we can confirm that this is 100% true and very great.

Photo of Einstein
It is also worth mentioning here that the picture of the famous scientist Albert Einstein is right next to this Google Image Page Trump. However, despite being a genius, they are called wrong. On the other hand, when you go down on this page you will see some more pictures of Trump.

Trump tops when typing 'Idiot' in Google Image Search

Why ‘Idiot’ is Trump
Donald Trump is an American president, but Google is telling him the idiot. In fact, the type of trump seen on top of ‘Idiot’ in Google Image Search is the American blog site Babyspittle. This site especially works to find out the stereotypes of rumours and rumours spread on them. On this Donald Trump has repeatedly been called an idiot. This blog site has written many articles on Donald Trump. Trump has been criticized for ‘stupid acts’.