The elderly have said that it is very good to keep account of pie and money should be thoughtfully spent. Although we also agree somewhere about this, we must not spend any money on freezing the money. But when it comes to the relationship when it comes to the relationship, it is more about money than the money, and in the relationship, you can not become a calculator due to money.

Because, when it comes to money, the relationship does not take time to deteriorate. Coming into a relationship with a boy who always makes excuses about spending money or if he thinks ten times before spending money on you, he can also make you quite unhappy.

Generally speaking, if your boyfriend is very stingy and he keeps on spending more money than you at all times, then this relationship cannot give you anything other than misery. Because of the miserable boyfriend and his habits, you too may have to be embarrassed. Let’s know how you will know that your boyfriend is stingy.

Seeing budget
Debt is the easiest way to help you find out that your boyfriend is in the category of misdeeds of the top number. If your boyfriend constantly takes you to a luxury restaurant or place in a street food corner or picnic park for a date and asks you to buy food, although this sometimes seems fun often he does it. So do not be late in understanding that he is trying to save money.

Uses public transport
Though there is no harm in using public transport when you are going out on a date and your boyfriend suffers you in the sun after walking hours in the metro so that he can save his vehicle’s fuel Save taxis in addition to taxis. If he uses your vehicle and you pay more than half its cab bill then you have the right to be angry and you can also tell him the wrong thing on this matter.

Never bring gifts for you
If your boyfriend is stingy then understand that he will have difficulty in spending money on your behalf and at the same time he can make many excuses to not bring a gift for you. You can make an emoticon excuse to not give a gift and by trying to stop the gift from your money, you try to put your own feelings on you. If at some point you give him a cheap little gift then he does not refuse to take it, so these gestures are clear that he is afraid to spend money.

Your bill is also filled with you
Even if you pay your bill even when both of you go out on a date and if you pay more than the bill, then understand that they do not want to pay the bills. There will be many times that whenever you go out, that person’s purse is stolen or that purse house forgets the house itself. If this thing is happening again and again without you, then understand that Wants to spend your money.

Hate to Shop
If someone is stingy, then he is very much hated by shopping, not only for you but also for himself. Instead of shopping with branded showrooms, she likes to shop in roadside vendors or cell seasons so that her money is saved.

Avoid spending money
being generous with such a person does not make sense because a stingy person always avoids spending money. To avoid spending money, you will tell such excuses as if he is the only son of his parents and he has to bear all his expenses, listen to him, next time you will not ask him to spend a rupee.