The US Embassy said on Tuesday that due to the heavy demand, Indians planning to go to America in this summer should apply early for VJ.

The embassy said in a statement that applicants of entire India may have to wait for 30 days or more for Visa Interview and the possibility is that this waiting period can continue for next few months.

The statement said, “The non-resident visa work of the Bharat Mission is one of the biggest acts of the world. In a year, there is a process of making more than 10 lakh visas. ‘

It said, “In the last five years, the demand for visa to visit the US has increased by more than 60 percent.”

According to the statement, the Embassy of New Delhi and four commercial embassies across the country are continuously working to improve the service and fulfill the demand, but applicants should know that the main time of summer travel is to meet and get time for the visa. There will be a delay.

The applicants have been advised to be careful about fraud and have been reminded that the US visa can be obtained only through official and only official means.