These days Sonam Kapoor is being discussed all around. Sonam is in headlines for the first marriage and now fashionable dresses worn during the promotion of the movie ‘Veer The Wedding’. she has experimented with saris and has set a new trend.

Recently, on the occasion of the trailer launch of Sanju, Sonam pulled the attention of everyone by wearing designer saris of purple colour. He was wearing a cape with a sari, in which he looked very gorgeous. He liked this Experience Fans.

You might have seen jeans, skirts, jackets and shorts of denim, but Sonam shocked everyone by wearing denim saris. During the promotion of ‘Veer The Wedding’, he wore a designer sari in the initiation Kanani. The special thing was that instead of the blouse, they did carry saris with white shirts.

Earlier, Sonam wore a silk sari, which seemed like a suit to look at the top. she has worn along the top instead of a blouse.

When Sonam Kapoor saris worn with 'Swag', set new trends

Sonam likes to live in different styling. They like to experiment with clothes. A few days ago, he had shared some photos on Instagram, in which he wore Kanjiveram silk sari. It looked very stunning in this Indian look.

Sonam, 32, has also been wearing sarees on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. she had a white sari sauce with a blouse and a long jacket. Her look was quite different.

When Sonam Kapoor saris worn with 'Swag', set new trends

Sonam is wearing a double pallu sari too many times. Instead of a side pallu, she carries saris like a scarf in the throat. She is wearing khadi saree with ruffle sleeves blouse and shoes.